Military wedding with the Tanklimo

We were approached by a guy called Gary a local chap on leave from serving in Iraq with the armed forces, Could we do his wedding and finish with parking it in front of Brackly town hall were his reception was, It seemed the bit in front of the town hall was now called a Piatza and was a bit special in fact so special it never really gets used for anything.

Could be a problem getting permission i thought, although our tank has rubber in the tracks and the ground pressure is lower than a transit van, it still puts the willies up people on councils. But it seems if your born and bred in Brackly and risking your neck for Queen and country it opens a few doors, and rightly too. The reception was in Bodicot about 17 miles away and with journey afterwards to Brackly town hall it meant that Tanklimo was clocking up pretty high miles for two knackered up war relics welded together in a shed ,but hey she’s never let us down yet ,and she pulled through yet again.

With the floods the day before a main road in to Banbury was closed and we got bogged down in traffic, it almost got to the point were i did the biggest multiple car crush in history to get their on time but luck was on our side and we arrived just in time, lucky for me cos the groom was wearing a bloody great dagger on his belt and had a few mates with him wearing the same kit. We rattled round Banbury the shoppers couldn’t believe it especially with the queen’s pipers bungling out the back sunroof.

Tried my best to hit the photographer with the champagne cork, nothing personal just tradition came pretty close ,Hanna looked stunning as can be seen from the pictures and i even got to go to the reception ,guess were i was sat ,on the bridesmaids table ,their is a god. Disco was good we all learnt a few moves of Gary’s granddad except Rod who i don’t believe left with the stunning bridesmaid who was sat next to him, unless you know better.

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