Corporate Fun Day, 27th July 2007

We had a call from Sonia our favourite agent could we keep her client busy on the 25th you bet i replied, they went for the 18th century option flintlock and mortar with the normal 4 vehicles and a bit of SAS with Colin as well.

The mud was pretty deep with loads of water laying all over the courses after the recent floods Man of the match was yet again the Grozdilkas we let the best driver in each group swim one cross our lakes, Mark and big Nick, a Greek chap won ,I was the lucky devil to instruct these bits but didnít feel the need to bail out at all its often a bit scary but not this time especially Nick who showed great control, their are times when all you can see is sky when climbing the knife edges.

The overall winner was the small girl with the big smile Naomi with the posh nails ,guess what her prize was ,a car crush what else This time a white Mondeo got it and not soon enough. A fun day was had by all including the instructors and Chinese food as well Collins favourite what more could a tank nut want.

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