TS2 Russian Tank Arrives

We were offered a TS2 or gvozdika I was a bit keen as i knew although massive and a big gunned these things can swim, fully amphibious .You maybe can't Waterski behind one but what a fantastic canal barge of fishing boat .I travelled up country to have a little go.

Wow what a blast 300bhp of turbo V8.Turned out the chap had 7. In no time the deal was done we had the lot thinking what great bits of kit for our customers to roar round our courses We had some CRUSH A CAR people coming over the weekend so i thought lets let them loose see how the cope against 432, and abbots.

Although it was smiles all round, people loved them it was agreed the Ruskl stuff took some serious muscle to operate, turned out later the clutch steering and brakes are all air assisted and the drain valve was open, HA HA with a little tinkering about we soon had the job sorted they became pussycats, real smooth but with mountains of power .Seems in this country you build your tanks heavy and strong with thick armour for crew safety and in Russia lifeís a little different weld a few baked bean cans together fit a huge gun and make it as fast as poss, Crew safety well theirs plenty more were they came from.

Nigel fired up the digger and started making ponds and he hasnít stopped yet so we now do a private amphibious bash. An afternoon or morning of your choice drive three tracked vehicles, 432 lance and a new Ruski monster and try and keep your feet dry you also get to visit the armoury and a workshop tour all for £350 and your welcome to bring a few friends to cheer you on im sure they will get a ride or two in something noisy.

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