Helicopter Clubs Tank Day 2nd August 2007

Roy from the Helicopter club of great Britain contacted us about the members doing a tank day and could they all arrive by chopper, shouldnít be a problem i told him, bit of a close shave getting the grass cut and baled in time though with all the recent wet weather.

A jolly, up for anything bunch arrived in droves, Iíve never seen so many choppers in one place at once before, Guess my favorites were the two gazelles being of military spec. They all drove fantastic but what else would you expect from a load of pilots the format of the day was very relaxed .Nice meal then two large teams one doing sas the other driving 3 types of vehicles Lance, Grozdilkas and 432 APC then team swap.

We let the best Russian Grozdilka driver swim one across the lakes, I thought it was time Wayne one of our resident instructors came with us, donít see why i should be the only one to risk a soaking. The overall winner was John Jones with a perfect score, who naturally did a perfect Car crush, a rather clean Honda. It was a real nice day for us to Great drivers gives us small stress, and the day got better a chap called Bill took us off in a ride in his gazelle. And guess who got to drive that baby, wow Iíve just got to get me one of those.

Seemed to get on well with the flying but trying to hover was harder, luckily the seats were easy clean leather coz i think graham and Nigel in the back got a little nervous, things went very quiet on the headsets. The chaps and myself would like to say a big Thankyou to the chopper boys and lassies for driving exceptionally and giving us a stress less day and a special thank you to Bill for The blast round in the Gazelle we loved it .Please come again ,infect once a week.

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