Honda Sept 2008

Suzi the new secretary was all exited with one of her first sales .It was Honda She did the lot from start to finish never thought I would ever let anyone else arrange a day but never thought I would let a Suzi.

Honda were a great bunch full of fun and could drive too seemed to have a lot of fun and good appetites to match The Humvee ran all day, a miracle with only one sideways drift on pull away was it incompetence or a deliberate attempt to shower her team mates in slop probably the latter, either way she will remain nameless, but she knows who she is.

Great driving on the big Russian Grosdilkas loads of maximum scores. The Car crush picture is a classic more by luck than skill as Wayne was actually running away when he took it, the young lady car crusher swerved violently to the left as she nailed the car sideways. Cheers Honda come again any time.

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