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Harry and Ollie's 10th birthday

A lot of people would expect ten is a little young to be roaring a tank around and flopping †through water splashes 5 foot deep. Well I guess it all depends on skill of the driver.

Kids Parties at Tanks-Alot

We had a call from a rather nice lady (Brings loads of food) about doing a Kids Party for her son Alex; this wasnít the first time Carla had booked a party for one of her sons. so we had to push the boat out a bit ,In fact several boats While the kids shot them to bits with Air rifles, Its some thing I had been planning for a long time Built some Heavy gauge steel icebergs for the ships to hide behind .

It worked like this all the kids got a helmet some army overalls and a rather splendid radio controlled battle ship or speed boat ,if you manager 5 laps around the pond you got to take it home ,easy as that, just one little thing 6 other kids had high powered air rifles and ex sniper instructors to coach them. The most amazing thing Iíve seen for ages was one battle ship sank with its bow poking up when its captain went full astern it disappeared then just as you thought it was a goner he full steamed ahead and it cam back up to taunt the shooters, more like a U-boat .

Nothing like shooting on to water you can see your misses and compensate every ones an expert in minutes, real good fun fast and furious They also drove lances, and 432 armoured personnel carriers, Had rides in an ex Blackhawk down Humvee and a cabbie round in a Stallwart .Nearly forgot we all clung together on top of the Grozdilka Russian tank and Wayne blasted it round and through some big water splashes, that was cool to. Guided tour around the workshops, they loved our full size war hammer Rhino which i was pleased about after 3 months of solid work.

Then car crush With Alex crushing an Audi with one of the chieftainís .finishing of with 45 mins in the armoury with Andy the sniper .And do i feel tired, actually completely knackered. Would I do it again, not half Iíve never had so much fun in my life. Cheers until the next time. Nice crush to Alex right down the middle. And kids what do you think of your teachers video cool or what.

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