Nintendoís New Games Consol

We did this big posh tanking day for Nintendoís new consol game Dual strike, radio control plane shooting sas woodland patrol tanks car crush all the bells and whistles for the worlds press a cracking day and lovely people full of fun up for anything.

Purely on Merritt the boss of Nintendoís daughter won the day (another horse rider again ) which seemed to please him so much myself and all my men on the day were given a special limited edition cameo game consol with the new game ect all neatly built in to a 50 cal ammo box WOW the lads couldnít believe their luck nor could i when they asked me for a price to taxi a couple of models around London in a humve with machine guns.

Im surprised the police swat team didnít shoot us all maybe the 50cal scared them off it rained so unfortunately the bikinis didnít stay on long but they still fell for the old shared bodily warmth chestnut which was especially nice for Nigel in the back



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