We always have over 100 vehicles in our motor pool -
the main types that we use in our events are detailed below.

Combat engineer tractor

Our new arrivals CET combat engineer tractors super powerful monsters smash through a house kind of vehicles everything servo assisted light as a feather to drive dashboard  and controls at either end and fully amphibious ,hard to believe it would even float. Big thumbs up.
Springer buggies

The Springer buggies  Great fun to drive super smooth suspension fully automatic just back from Afghanistan. A very current military vehicle .
TS2 or Gvozdika Russian Tank

With 7 Gvozdika Russian Tanks to choose from, We were offered a TS2 or gvozdika I was a bit keen as i knew although massive and a big gunned these things can swim, fully amphibious.
FV 432

The 432 is a lever steering automatic and can reach an off road speed of over 30 mps.It is powered by a Rolls Royce straight eight and served as everything from a battlefield van to a minelayer rocket launcher, troop carrier to mortar firer. The squaddies favourite.
Hauggland Bv206

Bv206's are currently used by the Royal Marines in both Gulf Wars. Manufactured by Hauggland with a Ford V6 engine, simple to drive, automatic gearbox. aursum off road capabilities, 4 track drive. Fully amphibious with minimal preparation. Seats up to 18 troops.

The Abbott 17 ton gun tank is fast and manoeuvrable lever steering and auto box, just like a big dodgem really. In its day was based on the Rhine, and shoots over nine miles with a 105mm Howitzer still used by several armies around the world.
Lance Missile Carrier

The Lance missile Carrier is a massive tracked vehicle with a 2 stroke Detroit diesel. The alloy body and high powered engine make an exciting combination that
will climb anything. American vehicle used by the British armed forces to launch a tactical Nuclear Missile.

The ultimate heavy tank, at over 55 tons it makes mincemeat of everything in its path. The mainstay MBT of the British Army for over 30 years, they are still highly regarded by armies around the world.

Ferrets served armies all over the world and hundreds are now privately owned and loved, powered by a 4.2 litre Rolls Royce engine
they are nippy and responsive with an unusual driving position.
Nothing is more fun in deep mud, real pluggers.

You may even get the chance to drive an actual veteran vehicle from WW2. If the mud gets to deep for the ferret's, which is unusual, out comes our 1942 GMC six wheel drive fuel bowser truck, which we use daily for refuelling our tanks.
Known as a "Jimmy" it has the biggest wooden steering wheel you'll ever see!

US Marines deep wader, one of 17 variants. 6.5litre V8 diesel. This massive hulk only seats 4 and ear protection is recommended as there is no home comforts here. Not usually sold by the US government these were bowered from the film set of "Black Hawk Down" and they have not missed them yet.

Regimental mascot. The scariest ride of the day. Anyone driving below the required Tankalot standard will find Brutus in the back of there car at the end of the day. We have had to edit the size of his horns out of this picture, due to EEC directives.

Only challenger one Tank in private ownership in the world work in progress watch this space.

This images is for illustration purposes only


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