Tanks - alot †are currently swapping cars for tanks If you have a Tank or military vehicle your bored
with or just not getting enough use out of and fancy a Bentley GT continental ,or †Rolls Royce,
a jaguar five litre V8 XK, maybe a 1964 mustang V8 or even a 59 Cadillac coup de ville
send an e mail with what you have and what you would like. Take a look on the VIP car crush death list and save a classic. Tanks-alot are particularly
looking for armoured vehicles ferrets, 432, abbots,chieftains. especially Russian T72 or more modern would be great.

We always have a good selection of used (one careful owner - the British Army) tanks and AFV's for sale
plus a wide range of spare parts to keep them running. We can supply private buyers
and businesses worldwide and will be pleased to advise on export requirements.

Our current stock includes:

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Chevy suburban 4x4

I have a huge yank truck to sell for a mechanic friend the sort of thing you see on the movies following the presidents limo.

The great thing is it's right hand drive. It's been mechanic owned had lots of money spent on her and drives very well.

It seats ten, yes 10! I mean ten with 4 rows of seats or they lift out and you could do funerals for giraffes. I just took my welding bottles in to have them exchanged in it, what a handy thing. We donít expect to see this advert uploaded any time soon so donít be surprised if its sold before you get to see it on our website Ė you should have been following us on facebook Ė its much faster because we can do it ourselves!

Right hand drive Chevy suburban 4x4 5.7 litre vortec fuel injection v8, fully reconditioned auto box, new torque converter, new brake master cylinder, discs, pads, drums and shoes & adjusters and hand brake cables. new starter motor and alternator M.O.T. till December, grey leather 10 seats, full stainless steel exhaust and cats by Magna flow - sounds awesome


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Landrover 110 defender

This advert is for a right hand drive Landrover 110 Defender recently released from the Ministry Of Defence. †It's in very tidy condition indeed with a low mileage of just 90,000 kilometres. Hand picked by myself and given a lasting full respray using an etching primer. This vehicle features a hard top, NATO hitch, new door tops and a fresh MOT.

Next step is to register it for UK roads and obtain a V5 from Swansea. This should be done by the time this advert is logged on to our website because the hosting company we use is getting almost impossible to contact and increasingly slower and slower - †probably because of drug abuse. Youíre welcome to come and kick its tyres and have a drive.


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BTR60 Russian built 8x8 fully amphibious armoured car very complete. The inside looks like something of a Bond movie. Been told this is the command vehicle for a group of missile launchers hence the massive mast that works perfectly and the huge level of electrical boxes screens radios lie detectors, and a dozen other strange things I have no idea what they do.

Interestingly this vehicle was captured in the gulf and has a few bullet marks. The mod have used it for evaluation before release, rather them than me. Starts and runs well power steering and brakes.

- £ 14,000 +vat

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28 Ton Acrasia

Huge 28 ton 155 mm 2s3 ex gulf trophy of war. I believe it's called an Acrasia. Delivered recently and in no time we had the huge V12 diesel roar into life. For such a huge vehicle it's very light on its feet with very easy steering.

This vehicle is live at the moment, perfect for close up film work but could be deactivated to current uk specifications at extra cost. Very rare in the Uk I can think of possibly two others. But very fashionable in Syria and all over the Middle East, not to mention Russia.

Thought we had a starter motor problem till we discovered the button that pumps up the engine oil before you try and turn over the engine, clever touch. £30,000

- £ 30,000

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CVRT Shielder

CVRT Shielder part of the stormer family the next generation of cvrt diesel powered, digital dash †very fast tracker load carrier. Choice of two ex reserve stunning condition only £13,000 plus vat

- £ 13,000

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CVRT Stormer

CVRT Stormer with the big diesel perkins engine digital dash very fast,under the mud very good condition just back fron a top secret trial with MOD usually kept resplendent and never off roaded.
Call Nick on 07860 455636
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Springer buggies.

Selection of Springers smooth ride, diesel powered automatic ,with diff locks, very caperble off road †and fun to drive ,can carry a ton payload. Possible to road register. As new condition virtually unused manufacturing cost £84,000 .
Call Nick on 07860 455636
- Our prices from £9,500. Plus VAT
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Combat engineer tractor.

Selection for sale some as low as 18 hours new war reserve vehicles wonderful to drive, childís play servo assisted everything very fast fully amphibious, massive bucket very useful machines Cost to build today probably 30 million.
Call Nick on 07860 455636
- Prices from £10,000 plus VAT
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lynx Bombardier †Twin carb .

Very new and tidy low mileage skidoo ex British army reserve stock lynx Bombardier †Twin carb electric start auto lube very fast and reliable lights working with a 654 form for roar registering, lots of fun not for the faint hearted.

We also have a selection of ocklebo skidoos needing attention prices start at £300+vat
Call Nick on 07860 455636
- Only £2,800 plus vat

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Maggie Thatcherís armoured bus.

This bus was specially commissioned for Margret Thatcher and her cabinet after the Brighton bombings. At obscene †cost, Itís supposed to weigh 38 ton, have run flat tyres and be fully armoured all over to withstand 7.62 rounds.

With a two foot deep honeycombed anti blast floor made from an unpronounceable material. Itís also a controlled environment which means its gas, chemical and biological proof with its own separately diesel powered filtration system. Call Nick on 07860 455636
- Offers Accepted

more details and images

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Reports of a real hard winter coming, I guess if all this bloody rain was snow we would be having a problem. But not a problem for whoever who buys this Baby .

Itís a Tucker, every self respecting polar expedition has one of these along for the ride Four track drive skid steer an unstoppable combination climbs like a mountain goat and light enough to ride on top of snow drifts pulls like a train with its big Cummings diesel. Super low mileage fraction of its new price £10,000
Call Nick on 07860 455636
- £10,000

more details and images

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Supercat mk2 number 26

Advert placed 23/7/2010

Ex Gulf war one/two Supercat Go anywhere 6x6 wheel drive,4 wheel steering or skid steer if you pull a handlebar instead of turning it. This vehicle benefitted to a MOD overhaul before release, new chains ,sprockets etc. Powered by a Volkswagen diesel and auto box. Most fun you can have with your clothes on. Nice original condition it's even possible to road register one of these baby's. Wow great for the school run or down the local.
- £9,000 No VAT

more details and images

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Summer special bikini topped Landrover

Great little Road tax exempt lightweight landrover with brand new last forever galvanised chassie ,fully rebuilt on Range Rover running gear for smooth ride and awsome offroading ,Coil springs disk brakes 3Lford capri engine coupled to a professionally purchased adapter plate for the Range Rover 5 speed difflock gearbox cost £6000 in parts alone.

- £ 4,500

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Humvee very low mileage about 10,000 miles we sold this actual vehicle as a perfect running vehicle to NP Aerospace in Coventry they dismantled the whole vehicle for research purposes. A year later we bought it back stripped.
After a local humvee expert rebuilt it replacing any damaged worn or faulty components its probably in its best shape ever. This vehicle also benefits from having the later type tyres that greatly improve its road handling. Being the lightest model its faster than the sloping turtlebacks we used to have with good seating capacity, probably the most sought after for film work.
- £27,500 Each

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Ambulance body to fit Humvee - From £3,500  
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OT 64

OT 64 8x8 command armoured car. As this vehicle was registered some years ago it actually has a current V5 uk registration document making it a very rare road legal now oversize vehicle. Don't be fooled by people telling you it's easy to register one now days. It's not possible, don't get stuck with a white elephant sitting in your garden you can't take out for a jolly This vehicle is in tidy condition with no major mechanical faults it has a low mileage air cooled Diesel engine that pulls well.They are fully amphibious with two large propellers at the rear, and seem very capable judging by all of the movies on †Utube except the polish fool who leaves his back doors open, bless, but as of yet I haven't swam it. At the moment it's in NATO green but it may be changed to Matt black for a Dr who episode we are quoting on. We may or not paint it back. I do have the huge deactivated machine gun from the turret which can be bought by separate negotiation.

- From £18,000 no vat, private sale the bosses plaything
Centurion ARV
Rubber boot tracks. Smoke dischargers excellent runner
- From £15,000  
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Mk1 Stalwart
Full original swimmer, low mileage, good runner
- From £6,000  
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Mk2 Stalwart's
Full swimmer with crane very low miles £18,000
- From £5,000 - £18,000  
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Chieftains Mk10
stript projects or runners deactivated or live
- From
£18,000 - £50,000
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- choice of 3
- From
£6,000 - £8,000
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432 Armoured personal Carriers
- choice of 25
- From
£6000- £12,500 plus vat
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Chieftain Arv's
All working hiab and winch etc.
- From £16,500  
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Ferret armoured cars choice of five from restoration projects to light titivation mk1 turret less liaisons mk2 turreted even a mk4 big wheel amphibious a driving project that's become a bit of a shelf.
- From
£6,000 - £9,000
15k for the mk 4
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Centurion AVRE
Recent restoration project of Channel 4 Salvage Squad - to be screened mid Jan 02. Massive expenditure for a 55 min programme. Led Suez attack in 56 - see commander on TV. Served in Gulf. V12 electronic installation added in 2001with reactive armour - similar to Gulf.Hush Puppie tracks. Brand new engine.
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