Crash Test Dummies

We just did a little TV job for CRASH TEST DUMMIES a new series coming out soon. Basically they wanted to crash Volkswagen beetles in to fhosgene at different speeds the final one being 40 plus MPH a little worrying, damage is always hard to straighten on a big one and even a beetle must carry a bit of momentum at that kind of speed.

I was wrong a dull thud and not even a scratch All in all a good fun day The problem came a couple of days later when i was having breakfast with my two small boys with the Telly on. They were enjoying a kids program with Two presenters Ben and Small who with clever camera work small was supposed to be 12 inches tall .I suddenly realised these were the chaps i had worked with 2 days earlier.

I said to the kids come and look at the computer i have a photo or two with you dad shaking someoneís hand you may recognise .They were horrified to see that small was actually 6 foot 2 .now their not sure about Pixies, Tooth fairies, bean stalks,! Christianity, and especially Father Christmas, Donít ring me about beetle spares i did a neutral turn on top of it after the crash sorry no picture every body was to shocked to take a photo.



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