Opal projectís first fun day

We had a call from a sweet Young girl with a persuasive voice called Nicola She needed a tank for the Opal projectís first fun day .We try and help as many charities as possible and this was only The park in Brackly So Colin and i fired up the stretch filled the Jacuzzi and we were off.

The gates to the park were a little tight and we did the traditional 21 point turn so as not to mark the grass which is always a laugh. I suppose the highlights of the day were putting a face to a voice.

Winning the how many sweets in a jar competition Watching Colin trying to drown people in the Jacuzzi and then seeing him make a SAS style quick retreat from a big woman who just wanted to mother him to death we also found a trick way of transporting a Jacuzzi full of water without spilling any, and did the stretch do the bizz Wow yes

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