Red Bull UNA Girls.

To have a beehive of total beauties descend upon us for a whole morning is regrettably an unusual event the phone rang and it was this likable chap Matt from Red Bull talking about the grand prix and the Red Bull UNA girls and tank driving, crushing cars and all that stuff.

There was me thinking we can never afford that when i realised he was paying us, Wow life couldnít be better. So i thought I would break the news to the chaps gently not to induce a stroke or anything ,but no it didnít work they went mad jumping up and down throwing their hats in the air, real women and beautiful too and we can be near them how did you do it boss .

It was easy i just said sure, sure no problem. Mat we can sort that. But i didnít tell the lads it was that easy, I charged them all £50 each to come and help and every one said it was a bargain, We all had a fun day and the girls were not only super easy on the eyes they were great fun and just down right nice to have a laugh with.

It was Asherís smile! which finally clinched it for the car crush ,purely by chance she was my favourite to, brains and beauty a deadly combination At one point i said how about a Charlieís angels pose ,so seven of them beat Richard up and walked all over him he was upset they didnít give him chance to strip of first and the rest of us were jealous too Colin was in his element and i believe its the only photos ever taken of Nigel the Gruffelow ,even he warmed to their charms 1 took 163 pictures and that wasnít enough best of all they loved our Limo tank and may want to hire it for round London.

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