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  • Military wedding with Tanklimo
    We were approached by a guy called Gary a local chap on leave from serving in Iraq with the armed forces, Could we do his wedding and finish with parking it in front of Brackly town hall were his reception was, It seemed the bit in front of the town hall was now called a Piatza and was a bit special in fact so special it never really gets used for anything.
  • Buster Bradley and his scarie friend
    We had this lady ring, her kids were really bugging her and she had this idea of encoraging them to join the army soon as poss .Already bought them a suitcase maps and hiking boots.
  • Soniaís 10 person day 16th June
    A favourite agent called Sonia brought us a group of computer sales people ,only 10 in number but with enough enthusiasm for 50 They had a chap called Ramo with them well we called him Rambo see if you can spot him wore a bandana most of the day
  • Top secret misslon
    A top secret military research establishment under construction at a secret location asked if we could deliver in some kind of 20 ton vehicle to test a rotating turn table in a special room for testing what magnetic nuclear pulse waves in a nuclea war
  • Vicki's Crush a Car Day
    We had a call from a chap called Allan about fixing something special for his wife Vikki. We decided on Crush a car and a bit of Godzillaís swimming.
  • Full Monty Days
    The Full Monty season Starts on the last Saturday of March and carries on to the last sat in October, We do corporate Days Right through the year but i havenít the heart to inflict real winter on the public. All my chaps have serious withdrawal symptoms they need that buzz you only get on a Monty, the atmosphere is electric.
  • MTV, Dirty Sanchezs
    We had MTV on the blower could they come up with the mad Welsh bastards Prichard and Dante from Dirty Sanchez? Donít know 'can you afford it, Thankfully they could , Iíve watched these boys on the box many times and loved it ,only the previous week i saw Prichard have his arse strimmed on Balls of steel, Looked real nasty drew blood on both bum cheeks.
  • Marks Birthday Splash - 24th March 2007
    We had a call from a chap called Daryl, could we keep his brother occupied for a few hours while the girls prepare his surprise birthday party. You bet it turned in to an afternoon for three .Daryl and his brother Mark and a friend also called Mark, handy cos im bad with names.
  • TS2 Amphibious Russian Tank Driving ONLY £325
    We were offered a TS2 or gvozdika I was a bit keen as i knew although massive and a big gunned these things can swim, fully amphibious .You maybe can't Waterski behind one but what a fantastic canal barge of fishing boat .I travelled up country to have a little go.
  • Snow Zone - 20th Feb 2007
    An agent rang us about organising a tank day for 70 people, no problem i replied. Turned out it was for the 20th feb ,like a fool i took the booking ,things are inclined to be a bit tough in feb and sure enough they were.

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